Kamizdat Rentgen TV: Kikimore, Gašper Torkar (2020-11-13, Kino Šiška)
2020-11-16 21:34:35

The telematic show Kamizdat Rentgen TV has joined forces with Kino Šiška to continue the playful explorations of online-streaming forms in dialogue with the concerts of intriguing and daring, mainly electronic, music makers. We have our cameras zooming in on these live events, with all the extra of video clips and online mise-en-scene to enhance this hyper-telematic experience. https://pretok.tv https://kamizdat.si

09:06 Gašper Torkar performance 54:01 Kikimore performance

Kamizdat is proud to present a new album: the alluring and mysterious debut Sigil (digital/USB), marking the first five years of the domestic sound and analogue electronics collective Kikimore. Relying on the rich history of the domestic new media scene, Kikimore blends science, technology and art, producing work predominantly with analogue instruments developed with DIY and DIWO principles. Their music leans heavily on improvisation within a basic structure, which enables the members of the collective to develop their individual skills and personal expression. They use different electrophonic DIY instruments: analogue synthesizers, different electronic tools and contact microphones. http://www.kikimore.net

Warming up for Kikimore's online streams, we have Gašper Torkar, a versatile sound artist and poet working with sound and language in different contexts. Besides developing work in the areas of new electronic and club music, he has composed music for several theatre productions, performances and art installations. His debut album Dreams of Others was released by Kamizdat. Before the plague, he organised the club event NANI MO at the Monokel Club in Ljubljana. https://www.gaspertorkar.com

Organised by: EMANAT in cooperation with Kino Šiška