Kamizdat Rentgen TV: Lifecutter, beepblip (2020-10-17, Kino Šiška)
2020-10-17 17:46:48

Stream starts at 24:50.

Download Lifecutter: Sub Persona - CreativeCommons licenced name-your-price free downloads or buy the USB booklet!

Kamizdat presents the new album Sub Persona, recorded and perfected by Lifecutter from audio material for the SUB PERSONA video-installation project by visual art duo P L A T E AU R E S I D U E. The latter also contributed all the visual material for Lifecutter’s audio-visual performance and USB booklet. “The project emphasizes the importance of forests, especially their ecosystem, economic, recreational and cultural functions, which people too often take for granted.” https://lifecutter.bandcamp.com https://plateauresidue.com/sub-persona

Lifecutter will be accompanied by Slovenian musician and sonic artist beepblip, who released the digital EP Noise for Strings, Vol.2 via Kamizdat in late August 2020, which has already made waves in certain local and foreign music media: “These new sonic landscapes were made during a time …, when man was again made to face the facts by nature and forced to withdraw from his urban trenches, which were swiftly retaken by the remaining living world.” (ODZVEN) https://beepblip.org https://beepblip.bandcamp.com

— Stream by Stella Ivšek (visuals), Črt Trkman (live editing, sound), Adam Mulalić (cameras & more) Software provided by Open Streaming Platform and OBS Studio Written, directed and hosted by Luka Prinčič Lights and technical support by Kino Šiška Promotional operations @ Kamizdat/Emanat: Andrej Pervanje, Sabrina Železnik

in collaboration with Kino Šiska. shot in Komuna hall. produced by EMANAT.